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Gorgeous Mom, Dr. Teresa Sievers, Bludgeoned Lifeless On The Kitchen Floor While Still Using Designer Heels

One of the three men charged in conjunction with the killing of Dr. Teresa Sievers is on trial for the popular physician’s cruel death. Day seven of the trial against Teresa’s husband, Mark Sievers, 51, began Monday inside a Lee County, Florida, courtroom.

Sievers is charged with first-degree manslaughter and conspiracy to commit homicide. If found guilty of first-degree manslaughter, he could face the death penalty.

According to police, Sievers was the mastermind behind his wife’s killing. He’s accused of hiring childhood friend, 51-year-old Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., to help carry out the grisly crime. Wright is accused of hiring Jimmy Rodgers, 51, a former jail cellmate, to help him.

On June 28, 2015, as Teresa back home from a trip to Connecticut, she was bludgeoned to death with a hammer inside her Bonita Springs, Florida, home. Officials said the killing was planned in advance.

Sievers knew his wife omitted the Connecticut family trip early for work goals. Sievers stayed behind some days longer with their girls, ages 9 and 11 at the time. He’s accused of arranging the plan to have Wright and Rodgers at the home, ready to attack, before Teresa came.

Sievers was upset in his marriage, as reportedly evidenced inside Teresa’s notes, according to Naples News Days. Sievers also had money problems, while his wife had a $4 million life insurance policy, prosecutors earlier said.

A few months after the killing, authorities arrested Wright and Rodgers. While both men originally denied any involvement, Wright eventually admitted in 2016 and took a plea deal for second-degree manslaughter. He agreed to help with prosecutors.

Sievers was held several months after the State Attorney cleared documents in December 2015, blaming him for hiring his co-defendants to kill his wife. Prosecutors said the reason was money from Teresa’s insurance policy.

Rodgers, who met trial earlier this year, was sentenced to second-degree murder and trespassing in October. His sentencing trial is scheduled for December.

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