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Mena Massoud Spills Beans On Aladdin 2! Will There Be A Sequel?

The movie Alladin has landed itself in Disney’s life and action lead list and any project like this should have been an extraordinary big break for an actor who is young in Hollywood especially as the film he worked in grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide. But you can say Mena Massoud is different.

Massoud reveals that he has not auditioned for any other movie yet!

Massoud who is 28 years in age, gets brutally honest in an interview with The Daily Beast when asked about how his life has been after the release of Alladin. He said that since the time his last movie landed in May and grossed about 1.05 million dollars all around the world, he has not attended a single audition in truth. He says that in reality, he had not seen anything big from it.

Massoud said that he is kind of tired of just staying quiet about it and wants people to know that it is not always dandelions and roses when you are working on a project like Alladin. He added that everybody thinks Massoud must have made millions and he must be getting all these offers but in the real world, it is not the truth. He added that he has not given a single audition after Alladin happened.

Mena was so honest and served the fans with the reality of Hollywood and proves them wrong!

Reporter from The Daily Beast whose name is Kevin Fallon said that in not a single way does Massoud come off as whining or complaining or in any way ungrateful while it was so appreciative of him to bring out the reality and present it to the public on the fact that actors of color still face an uphill battle in Hollywood even after fronting a hugely successful studio IP movie like the one as Alladin.

All this time, Disney is deciding to produce a sequel to the first movie, Alladin!

On the other hand, Disney has now revealed that they are thinking of making a sequel to this blockbuster movie and the production studies are looping around to direct -to-home-video sequels.

The studio said that they would love to produce another movie as the people watched the film multiple times and were in an awe of it. They added that they are already getting so many fan letters petitioning to make Alladin 2: Return Of Jafar and though they have not decided on it, talk is definitely going on between them.

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