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New Images Reveal Suits ‘Not’ Used By Tony Stark In Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 was directed by Jon Favreau and featured Robert Downey Jr. in the second part of the genius person who was a billionaire, turned himself into a superhero. The scenes behind the camera of this movie revealed to fans the images of unused battle suits meant for Tony Stark.

Although the film did not go as hit as the first Iron Man, it definitely did have some cool moments. One such moment was when the title character suited himself up for a mission or you can say, fight.

Iron Man’s unused suit revealed to the public!

As everyone is aware, a lot has happened to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Tony Stark since the release of Iron Man 2. Joe and Anthony Russo made Avengers: Endgame and in this movie, the franchise’s inaugural hero died a very heroic death as he sacrificed his life in order to ensure the safety of the whole universe from the Mad Titan.

As the fans must have seen, in each installment of the Marvel movies that included Iron Man, his suits were portrayed after undergoing an evolution that mirrored with his character. Thanks to a couple of set images that have emerged online, fans are able to see a certain gear from Iron Man 2 that never made it into the big screen.

The suit was worn by a stunt double of Tony Stark but the scene was ultimately deleted!

These images were shared on Twitter by a fan account with the handle Robert Downey Jr FR, in which this amazing actor is seen being fitted with an under the suit. It is still not clear to the people at which point of time this particular armor exactly appeared in Iron Man 2. Iron Studios then shared a different picture where this same garment was worn by a stunt double of Robert and they explained that while it was worn during filming, the scene in which it appeared was ultimately cut. You can check out the photos below.

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