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Officer Assaulted By Teens After He Tried Saving A Woman From Them

An off-duty officer was assaulted and choked unconscious by some teenagers after he tried to help a lady the group was assaulted, officials said.

The incident occurred Friday outside the Bay Street Mall in Emeryville, about 4 miles northwest of Oakland.

Emeryville police said a lady returned to the mall and faced a group of teenagers she believed knew the person who had allegedly taken her cellphone earlier in the day.

The lady asked the teens to give back her receiver and the group “became disruptive with the victim and started to assault her,” police said in a news statement.

In a CCTV video of the incident, the lady approaches the gang of at least five teens and grabs one consuming a white hoodie by the arm. He shoves the lady as several other teens gather around her. The teen in the white hoodie shoves the lady again before someone runs over to intervene.

Some of the teens disappear as the individual in the hoodie seems to get angry and starts fighting the guy who came over to help. The guy runs from the group of teens as mall security officers try to split up the melee. The man is later seen lazing on the ground but ultimately gets up.

Police said the person who intervened was an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer. Later he tried to support, the “group of juveniles became aggressive” and “began to violently attack him,” Emeryville police said in the release.

“The juveniles struck the Off-Duty CHP Officer various times and choked him unconscious,” police told.

The officer reacquired consciousness and pepper-sprayed a teen who was still attacking him.

Police detained some of the teenagers and arrested two, 14 and 16, for attack.

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