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One Year After His Brother Committed Suicide, George Atkinson (Former NFl Player) Dies Aged 27

George Atkinson III, who is former Oakland Raiders running back died at the age of 27 years. He died just one after his twin brother Josh Atkinson committed suicide.

George is the son of Super Bowl Champion George Atkinson II and has also played for the Cleveland Browns.

According to the information received from the various sources, the Athletic’s Pete Sampson tweeted the news of his death late Monday night but in his tweet, no cause of death was reported.

His death comes after his twin brother Josh committed suicide last Christmas, George and Josh both played football for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish both of them also excelled at track & field.

Source: sandrarose.com

The sources close to Josh have informed that Josh was reportedly depressed after his mother died suffering from complications of Crohn’s disease and it is also known that she was also diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

In a letter written in October which was published by a media house, George opened up about his difficulties and struggles grieving the loss of his mother and his twin brother.

How I changed My Losses Into lessons” was the title given by George for the letter where he wrote that his brother felt guilty over their mom’s death.

George informed he was hospitalized in a mental ward for self-harm after his brother died.

That is the moment I felt like I lost everything. That is the moment I can not describe. I never require you to feel his pain or my pain.” He said.

He further said that his 2-year-old daughter motivated and influenced him which gave him the will to live.

I always knew I had to discover a plan to keep going and be a role model for her,” He wrote.

“Without my daughter, I do not know where I would be right now. She provided me with that second blow of motivation.” He added.

His family and his friends are mourning his death whereas no one has informed us about the exact cause of death.

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