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School’s Softball Coach Accused Of Abusing Multiple Students, Probe Ordered

News and incidents of teachers abusing their students have increased at an enormous rate and it seems as if there is no stop to this.

Teachers are considered influencers who have the ability to influence their students to do good things in their life as well as bad things.

Such is a case of a former volunteer assistant softball coach who was arrested Monday on accusations of abusing her students at the high school where she worked there.

Madison D. Soper, 22, of Banks High School, in Banks, Oregon, is facing charges of using children in the ostentation of explicit conduct, online exploitation of a minor in the first degree, enticing a minor and many others.

According to the information received from the concerned authorities, detectives searched Soper’s home near Banks as part of their investigation into an improper and inappropriate connecting between an adult and a minor.

The investigating officers and other concerned authorities of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office informed that she was having an inappropriate contact and connection with multiple students-athletes while she was working as a coach at Banks in 2016-2017 and thee concerned authorities are trying to reach out to the exact number of students she coached.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

No further information regarding her sentence has been informed by the authorities and the only thing knows to us is that her bail was set at $250,000.

We hope that these incidents reduce with the passage of time as the students often make teachers their role models.

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