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Serial Child Predator Taped Himself Forcing Toddlers, Snapped Girls As They Slept

An Ohio guy was sentenced to prison late last month for multiple intimate crimes that involved women and underage girls — including two 3-year-olds.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of Ohio stated on Monday that Matthew Jones, 44, will spend more than 22 years in jail after pleading guilty last December to producing child indecency. Federal officials said he admitted to molesting two toddlers in 2003 and 2009 and creating more than 100 photographs depicting the abuse.

Jones also snapped two minor girls and at least six women while they slept. A subsequent search of his computer showed that he exchanged more than 100,000 images and videos showing child indecency.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Jones was jailed after one of the victims’ moms caught him in their child’s bedroom.

As part of a global plea, which refers to all pending cases against a defendant, Jones pleaded guilty in Greene County to molesting a person under the age 10. He pleaded guilty to the same charge in Montgomery County, in addition to the physical battery and gross physical imposition.

Federal officials said the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office is recommending 15 to life while the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office is forcing for 20 years to life. Under the global plea, Jones will assist the sentences concurrently.

“Jones is a serial sexual abuser who memorialized his abuse by taking pictures of his abhorrent conduct,” U.S. Attorney David M. DeVillers said in the comment. “He has been sexually assaulting toddlers and adult women and engaging in (the) online sharing of child pornography for more than 15 years. He deserves his lengthy stay in prison.”

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