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Taylor Selfridge Revealed How She Lost On Of Her Unborn Twins

Taylor Selfridge, who starred in “Teen Mom OG”, and Cory Wharton are all set to become parents as they are expecting their first child.

But the expecting mother recently revealed a very sad news through her  Instagram post, where she revealed that she lost her on of her twins because of a disorder.

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I’ve been debating on what to say and how to exactly say it, And I found that I just want to talk from the heart quick. I’m excited to say that YES Taylor is pregnant!!!! ?? Ryder is going to be a big sister, o boyyy ? I also wanted to let you guys know that we weren’t trying to have a baby right now, but sometimes God puts things into your life that you don’t really understand at the time but it’s always turns out to be a bigger blessing. I’m really excited to share this journey with you guys. All that I ask from you guys is respect for Taylor, respect for me and most importantly respect for the baby. All that I want is a healthy baby that is brought into a very positive environment and surround by good energy and love.The same way that I am raising Ryder. This is a very exciting time for mine and Taylor’s families. Never did I think by 28 I would have two children but here we are ? I know I probably didn’t answer everybody’s questions I’ll be going live today at some point. I also want everyone to head over to @usweekly listen to the interview that we did with them we answer a lot of your guys questions. Be safe my people love you guys and baby number two?✌?

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She mentioned several details regarding her pregnancy. Although she revealed the loss of one of her baby twins, she also mentioned about another baby who is doing good and is very healthy.

She further wrote, “After the few days of the disclosure, both of us found out that we were deemed to actually have twins but ended up losing one of them. But on the positive side, my baby is healthy and I am 19 weeks now.”

But she expressed her discomfort in people calling this incident a case of miscarriage.

According to her the reason because of which her child suffered is known as “disappearing twin syndrome” or “vanishing twin syndrome”. They came to know about this when they went in for a check-up for their baby and found a different empty sac and after that only they got to know that earlier they had twins before that.

Selfridge and Wharton met on the sets of MTV’s Ex On The Beach’s Season 1 in 2014 and announced their pregnancy earlier in October where she wrote,

Yes, this is true. I am 12 weeks and two days as of today, Cory and I are very happy and delighted to share this journey together. Cory’s hoping for a girl and I am just blessed to be having my first child, whether it is a boy or girl.”

Both of them are now really excited to meet their newborn and it will be really exciting to witness the celebration of their child’s gender reveal party.

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