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WHAT!!! A Man Died After Diving Into A Swimming Pool

Accidents can happen any time and at any place and death is something that does not come after warning. It comes when it has to come and no one has control over it.

Swimming is an activity that we join or do to relax our mind and soul. It might be a dangerous affair for children who do not have sufficient height as required in the swimming pool but an adult never thinks of any kind of injury or danger when he dives into the pool.

The same is the case of a man who dived into the pool and died.

In a case of LACKAWANNOCK TOWNSHIP, a man who visited the area with his family tragically died after diving into a pool at a local hotel, as informed by the concerned authorities.

Corey D. Rehrauer, 48, of New York state, jumped into the shallow end of a pool at the Comfort Inn in East Lackawannock Township at 8:21 p.m. on Saturday.

Rehrauer died from rough force trauma to the head and neck when he hit the shallow bottom of the pool, as informed by the investigators.

The authorities ruled that death was accidental and no one did it intentionally. Rehrauer was in the hotel with his family and when the rest of his family members went to their room, Rehrauer chose to go to the pool for a swim.

An ambulance and state police were called after the incident took place and many attempts were made to revive Rehrauer’s life at the scene and he was very soon taken to Grove City Medical Center by an ambulance where he was declared dead.

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