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Woman Reveals Confronting Her ‘Pedophile’ Brother Who Physically Abused Her Since She Was 7

A woman has courageously faced her brother who regularly molested her from the age of 7.

Kath, 32-year-old, got face to face with Robert who dominated her to 4 years of physical abuse when they were both kids.

Aged 10 he would sneak into her bedroom and abuse her 3 times a week a secret she kept for nearly 3 decades for the horror of tearing their family apart.

But Kath faced her brother over his heinous acts in disturbing the new C4 documentary “My Family Secret” released last night.

Kath reported her sibling to the police in 2017 but charges couldn’t be taken because at that time.

Law asserted in most circumstances a child under fourteen was said to be incompetent of performing a crime a rule ended following the James Bulger case.

The documentary confrontation shows the practice of Restorative Justice in life which enables victims to engage with their perpetrators, face-to-face, and demonstrate the influence the atrocities had on them.

Filmed beginning this year, the documentary observes Robert eventually admit top the horrific catalog of abuse, stating: “It was all self-centered desires. There was happiness that moved along with it, I appreciated that.

“I guess I just want you to realize that I am a normal person and for the remainder of my days I’ll work to be a better person than the person you recognize and remember. I hope that one time you can find some harmony, that’s all I desire. I’m grieved.

In a statement describing the choice to air the disturbing showdown, Channel 4 stated, “This courageous documentary takes one of the hardest problems to put on television.

Kath and her family members have been remarkably courageous to destroy the taboo and the secrecy around this subject.”

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