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22-Year-Old Woman Stole Newborn Girl And Sold It For 1600$

A WOMAN who stole a newborn baby girl from a mothership ward and sold her for $1,600 has been locked away behind bars for seven years.

Asel Zhapanova, 22, stole the child from a maternity hospital in Kazakhstan, where she put the baby into a sports bag while the mother was out, the court heard.

After hiding the girl, Zhapanova left the hospital through the service entrance of the Taraz Regional hospital without staff realizing it.

CCTV footage shows the woman, wearing a long pink dress, hurriedly walking away while carrying the child in the bag.

The newborn was left unsupervised after her mother went to eat something in a local canteen and the carer left to answer a quick phone call.

When the carer returned back, she discovered the child missing and called the law enforcers.

It is reported that the woman and the baby were found in a room of Astana hotel located near the hospital.

The woman just sold the child for 800,000 Kazakhstani tenges ($1,600) when she and the buyers were arrested.

The newborn’s condition was normal and her life was not in danger. She was returned to her mother.

Reports say the hospital staff knew Zhapanova and allowed her into hospital as she had given birth to her third child at the ward there just three days before the incident.

The woman told staff she was visiting an acquaintance.

Asel Zhapanova was charged with kidnapping and human trafficking. She was sentenced to seven years in prison.

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