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Aaron Paul Teases Possibility Of Another Breaking Bad Spin-Off Featuring Jesse Pinkman And These Two Cool Characters

Rumors have been sparked by Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston about a Breaking Bad reunion. And guess what guys! It is on its way.

Identical images of drug mules were put up on Twitter via a series of cryptic tweets by the two men which sparked hope in all the fans about a reunion that is going to happen. This topic has been spoken on by the two previously. Their tweets of mules were captioned with just a word, “soon”.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are putting up pictures of drug mules on Twitter!

Breaking Bad was such a hit TV series that ran for five seasons premiered in the year 2008 and reached its finale in the year 2013. Later in the year 2015, a successful spin-off series began. Its title was Better Call Saul.

As reported by Hollywood Reporter on 7th of November last year, the man who created this amazing show, Aidan Gilligan, was working on a two-hour movie adaptation of the show. As per the information was given by sources, the release date of this movie will be set in the existing Breaking Bad franchise. The movie is currently going on by the name Greenbrier. This movie is set in a way that will follow a kidnapped man’s escape and quest for freedom.

Will we be seeing Walter White in the upcoming movie? Not sure!

It was later confirmed by Cranston that a Breaking Bad film was also on its way. Though he was not much sure about appearing as his character, Walter White, in it because of White due at the end of the fifth and the final season of the series.

The Dan Patrick show invited Cranston for an interview where he said that he had not yet seen the script but that he had spoken to Gilligan about the film for sure. He then laid out his question as well about seeing or not seeing Walter White in this movie.

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