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Double Shooting In Annapolis Left One Man Dead And Another Injured

Annapolis Officials are investigating and examining a repeated shooting that led to a man’s death and the second injured victim is in critical condition in the emergency clinic.

Annapolis Police stated deputies arrived and reacted to the 600 blocks of Skipjack Court nearby 1:47 a.m. after EMS was called to the location for a man who had been injured and shot in the left leg.

As officers hurried to the incident, dispatchers heard the sounds of gunshots in the same location.

Reports declared deputies discovered the victim with an injury to the left leg and noticed a second man experiencing a clear gunshot wound outside the home in the same location.

The second man was declared dead at the scene. The first shooting injured individual was conveyed to a nearby emergency clinic for operation and is assumed to recover.

Officials have not yet disclosed what the was the link between the two victims, are they family members?

We’ve got a lot of critics and trolls, a lot of individuals we are communicating to,” Miguez told. “But honestly now, we can’t verify what the link and connection was between the two victims and who the suspects may be.”

So far no conclusion came and no arrests have been made and Annapolis Police neither have any information to discharge as a description of the suspects.

Officials have still not determined what was the motive behind the double shooting. The investigation is ongoing.

Annapolis Police is requesting individuals with any knowledge and information about the occurrence to reach them.

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