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Father Of Six Week Old Twins Who Died While Sleeping, Speaks About The Tragedy

Recently two baby girls of just six weeks old died in a co-sleeping accident in bed when they were sleeping with their mother.

Their dad has now come out in open and has expressed the incident that happened during that day which has now become the darkest day for the family.

According to the information received, the father said that his autistic sons still searches for his sisters in the home.

Violet and Indiana were found unconscious at their home. When they were taken to a nearby hospital, one was declared dead and the other one died in the hospital.

Source: au.news.yahoo.com

He said that his daughter is five years old and he has informed her that her sisters have died as he does not want to keep her in dark.

He further said it was only the second time they tried a co-sleeping arrangement. Although they knew that this arrangement involves a certain amount of risk but never expected that his daughters would die.

He explained how his wife asked him to sleep in another room for sound sleep so that he could drop other children to school tomorrow morning. But when he entered the room the next day, tragedy had already occurred.

The babies left behind an older sister and a two-year-old autistic brother.

Their friends and family members are mourning the death of their two lovely newborns. daughters.

Police had already said that their death was completely due to an accident and nothing was intentional in that.

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