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Life-Long Vegan Woman All Furious After McDonald’s Staff Served Her Chicken Inside A Veg Wrap

A Lifelong vegan has been left infuriated after discovering chicken in her McDonald’s veggie wrap.

Fuming Evie Topping, 22-year-old, requested the wrap from a fast food joint in Exchange Walk, Nottingham city center, at approximately 8 pm on Friday.

The meal was thought to consist of a veggie goujon, lettuce and tomato ketchup, covered up in a toasted tortilla.

But Evie and her pal Simone, 23-year-old, were bewildered to see bits of chicken inside the wrap rather.

Evie tweeted a video of the wrap, stating it had demolished her and Simone’s 20-plus years of being vegan.

In answer, McDonald’s has regretted and stated it will grant her some vouchers “as soon as feasible“.

The company announced the team would perform “every attempt to make assured that such difficulties do not happen again”.

They continued, “Many apologies for your shock and disappointment.

“To help make up for your occurrence and to say regretfully that it didn’t reach your expectations, we would like to grant you some vouchers towards a snack that you can use at all of our restaurants.”

However, Evie, a master’s student at Nottingham Trent University, told the sources that it was “pretty bad” that they had merely extended her vouchers.

She has also demanded for the cost of her original meal to be refunded.

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