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Man Accused Of Murdering His Girlfriend And Her Parents After Seeing Her Ex’s Messages

According to the information received, a man has been accused of murdering his girlfriend and her parents after he became jealous of her.

Nawaratorn Khunsangkam, 27, supposedly out of rage shot her 26-year-old girlfriend Sawaros Kimsee after he saw the messages on her phone which was sent by her ex-boyfriend.

The triple murder occurred at the family’s home in Chiang Rai. He supposedly went to his girlfriend’s house and started an argument when he found those texts from his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and out of anger, he allegedly took out his gun and shot her.

Soon after he shot her, the girl’s parents came running in the room where both of them were also sprayed with bullets.

Their bodies were only discovered a few days after the incident when Ms. Kimsee’s father did not arrive at his workplace.

Source: au.news.yahoo.com

As a result, a colleague went to their home to check on this partner where he found the woman and her parents dead. Their bodies were lying there for days, hence the bodies started decomposing which made it difficult to ascertain the exact reason for their death.

After the investigation and interrogation, the accused confessed his crime of triple killings only after he was detained outside a 7-11 in Chiang Mai City while he was with his mother.

The weapon that was used in the triple killing was also found inside his car.

According to the information received, the accused confessed to the crime and admitted that he shot and killed all three family members out of jealousy.

He is currently facing trial and awaiting his prison sentence.

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