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Martial Arts Instructor, 49, Charged For Unlawful Killing Of A 56-Year-Old Man Who Stopped Him To Interfere In A Fight

Man, 40, sentenced to the unlawful killing of a guy who interrupted in ‘domestic’ fight.

A JURY has sentenced a martial arts instructor of the unlawful killing of a guy who had stopped to intervene in a late-night “domestic” dispute. Jonathan Dargan, 49, was having an argument with his partner.

Jonathan Dargan, 49, was having a dispute with his spouse on the Harold’s Cross Road,

A passing cyclist claimed that he saw a man “throw fairly powerful punches” at an older person while shouting “bang, bang”.

The defendant, who has served as a doorman at Lillie’s Bordello nightclub, told “lashing out” with a punch but insisted that he was surrounded by the individuals and felt in fear.

He also denied attack causing harm to Mr. Cunningham and to Mr. Mullally’s niece, Lauren Mullally, throughout the same incident.

After considering for another hour the jury responded a majority verdict on the charge of attacking Mr. Cunningham.

She delivered a victim impact report and a Probation Service report.

In her closing talk, Ms. Murphy told the jury that to dispute self-defense a person must use a fair amount of force to protect himself in situations where he believes himself to be threatened.

She said: “We know he is intoxicated, he was angry. He was resembling to lash out.”

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