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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth To Legalize Divorce With A Lawsuit, Here’s Every Detail Of It

Liam Hemsworth takes the first step to head towards divorce. He filed legal documents and the cited standards as irreconcilable differences.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are finally done with their marriage as Liam files for a DIVORCE!

There are many sources connected to the couple who disclosed that Liam and Miley had a prenup. They kept their earnings during the marriage separate in order to avoid any dispute related to money. And we all know the two of them to have no kids so the divorce will be sort of easy, I guess, just like a breeze.

There was this handwriting put up on the wall for weeks. Miley and Liam announced their separation way back on the 10th of August after they were married for less than a year. The sources quote that Liam Hemsworth just wants to move on and is over the marriage.

The lawsuit of their divorce included allegations of infidelity!

Kaitlynn Carter is Miley’s long-time friend and they went on a trip to Italy during which the two ladies were spotted making out on a boat at Lake Como. This news arrived just a day before Cyrus announced her separation with Hemsworth. In the legal lawsuit, there were allegations of infidelity, even though it appeared the couple had split months before.

As in terms of PR, the date of separation is relevant albeit not so legally. In the documents which are filed by disco queen Laura Wasser, a date of separation is not listed by her. The documents read TBD (to be determined).

Miley Cyrus says she wanted to work on their marriage albeit the differences between them but Liam just rushed!

The sources revealed another interesting news. They say that despite all these appearances, Miley had made overtures as recently as this week. Cyrus said in those that she wanted to work on the marriage but it Liam who was hurrying to get done with it. Now the fans of Liam Hemsworth say that he would be actually insane to jump back in to renew things between him and Miley.

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