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WOW!!! Couple Of Same Gender Became The First In The World To Carry Baby In Both Of Their Wombs

A couple of the same gender has proudly become the first in the world to carry the same baby in both of their wombs.

Jasmine and Donna Francis-Smith greeted their son, Otis, two months ago.

Their son was born via ‘In Vivo Natural Fertilization’ process, which involves the eggs being brooded in the mother’s body, rather than externally, as is the case within Vitro fertilization (IVF).

‘Anecova’ that is a Swiss technology that developed this method and established it. It was carried out at the London Women’s Clinic. The process involves the eggs of the biological mother being placed inside a miniature capsule and from there the eggs are inserted into her womb, where they incubate.

After the incubation of the eggs, they are taken out of the first mother’s womb and placed into the womb of the gestational mother who then carries the baby till the time of its birth.

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