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14-Year-Old Innocent Girl Kidnapped , And Molested For 4 Months

A 14-year-old helpless girl from Rajasthan was supposedly kidnaped and molested by three men for several months before she was saved and rescued from a farm area in the Banaskantha area of Gujarat, police announced on Thursday.

Police have busted and arrested one of the involved individuals, Mahesh Koli, who had supposedly held the girl in detention at a farmhouse in Dhanera tehsil. The girl was molested there several times by the three men.

“We have also kidnapped his brother for examination. Mahesh Koli had kept the victim at a farm where he and his brother operated as laborers,” stated Sub-Inspector LJ Vala of Panthawada police station.

This is a very hateful crime and the prisoner should be punished as soon as possible said the community members.

“The owner of the farm gets some suspicious hints and clue about the girl’s presence and notified the nearby police,” LJ Vala continued.

The girl, a citizen of Dungarpur in Rajasthan, described the police that she was kidnaped by four unknown men in a vehicle in August this year they later kept her in the house and all the three men abused and molested her for 4 months.

One of them molested her and then gave her over to one Vadiya Koli, citizen of Amirgadh, she told.

“Vadiya Koli too supposedly molested the girl and handed her over to Mahesh Koli,” police executive stated, continuing that additional inquiry was on.

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