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A Wicked Man Physically Abused His Cousin’s Daughter And Told He Was Guarding Her Against Her Abusive Grandfather

A wicked man who played video games with his cousin’s 14-year-old daughter in his caravan, physically abusing the girl under the guise he was guarding her against her abusive grandfather.  

The man abused the teen girl in his caravan at the side of the victim’s grandparent’s house in Rydalmere, in Sydney’s northwest.  The physical abuse happened between January and July 2015 when he was aged 39 and 40.

The victim claimed that she was physically abused by her grandfather at the age of 7 and had gone to the offender, now 44, for emotional support and to avoid further abuse. In January 2015, the man and the girl started playing video games in a caravan he lived in which was parked at the side of her grandparent’s house.

The victim told that she kissed the offender on the cheek, saying that she was just playing around with him, and he pushed her away. But after some moment hanging out in the caravan by themselves, they started to kiss each other.

The pair started to stay with each other in the caravan overnight, even though the girl’s grandmother attempted to call her back into the home.  At around 3 am one morning, the offender demanded the victim to not inform anyone regarding their activities.

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