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Blind Tennessee Inmate Accused Of Killing Woman, Executed By An Electric Chair

A blind prisoner sentenced to murdering his estranged girlfriend by placing her on fire in her vehicle was put to end Thursday, December 5 in Tennessee’s electric chair, becoming only the 2nd convict without sight to be executed in the United States considering the reinstatement of the country’s death penalty in 1976.

Lee Hall, 53-year-old, was proclaimed dead at 7:26 p.m. at a Nashville maximum-security prison, prison administrators stated. He preferred the electric chair atop Tennessee’s preferred execution process of lethal injection an alternative allowed prisoners in the state who were adjudged of crimes before January 1999. He additionally became the first blind prisoner in U.S. modern history to depart by electrocution.

Lee Hall had his eyesight when he listed death row decades ago, but his lawyers say he later grew functionally blind from inadequately handled glaucoma. Only one other acknowledged blind prisoner has been killed in the U.S. since the Supreme Court granted executions to continue in 1976, Clarence Ray Allen, 76, took a lethal injection in California in 2006.

Court records assert that Lee Hall killed 22-year-old Traci Crozier on April 17, 1991, by placing her car ablaze with a vessel of gasoline that he inflamed and tossed in her vehicle while she was within and trying to leave him. The vessel exploded and Crozier sustained burns over more than 90% of her body, departing the next day in a local hospital.

The U.S. Supreme Court has never commanded on whether the use of the electrical chair disrupts the 8th Amendment ban on inhuman and extreme punishment, but it got close about 20 years ago after a succession of electrocutions in Florida.

While state courts in Nebraska and Georgia have announced the electrical chair unconstitutional.

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