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Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Trailer Verifies No Mushu And That’s A Great Thing

Mulan’s Live and action remake was done by Disney and it looks like the studio is finally getting down to business with it. It feels as if Mulan has been sitting on the back burner for months now.

Niki Caro’s Mulan to drop in the theatres real soon!

You guys would not believe but only one short teaser is provided to the fans for the film in which Liu Yifei, who is a Chinese actress, is starring a legendary warrior. There is not much time left for this live and action remake of the beloved Disney animated classic by Niki Caro to hit the theatres and a second official trailer is going to release for Mulan.

Inspired by one of the most popular folktales from the country China, this movie is based on the 1998 feature of the animated film. Mulan’s plot follows a young woman who dresses herself up as a man in order to take place in the Imperial Army which was previously occupied by her ailing father.

As a result of Disney’s recent nostalgic remakes, it is suggested that we will have no Mushu in Mulan!

But as everyone is aware of Disney’s nostalgic remakes that are peddling it is expected by Caro’s Mulan to take more cues from the original folktale. Also, a more serious and less musical tone is thought to be employed which ultimately indicates that there will be no Mushu!

The first trailer of this movie portrayed a sort of war epic which is absolutely different from what we have been seeing in Disney. It is alive and action remake of the original movie and looks like something that is more akin to a spectacular wuxia film. Disney has featured a vibrant color scheme and beautiful cinematography in the movie Mulan which is already a breath of fresh air from the uninspired shot for a shot remake we have been getting from Disney lately.

It can be noticed that Disney is unusually quiet in its marketing of the film may be because star Liu Yifei has been recently getting a lot of criticism related to the political strike in Hong Kong and China. Despite all this scenario, it is expected of the studio to hopefully ramp up its campaign as we get closer to the month of March 2020 during which the movie is going to release.

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