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Foster Mother Accused Of Pouring Hot Cocoa On Baby, Details Inside

Ashley Neal was raising a 10-month-old infant. On Saturday, police officers were called to a McDonald’s outlet where the employees and others informed the police that Neal had slipped, fallen and spilled a hot chocolate on the baby.

However, after further investigation and looking at the surveillance footage from the restaurant, police officers revealed that Neal poured 150-degrees drink on the infant’s head intentionally, then stepped forward and pretended as if fell down unintentionally.

Earlier, the scene that was considered unintentional came out to be a planned crime after the investigation.

According to the information received from the sources, Neal had told the officers that she does not remember anything that happened in that outlet.

One of the investigators said, “They communicated us. We reexamined the video and saw there were some abnormalities in the video ranging from the story the mother had given, This day and age, people do all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. So, we do not know what the concerned reason was, and why she required to harm the child, but it is something we positively needed to look into.”

The 10-month-old child is currently undergoing treatment at a Hospital and his foster other might face several criminal charges as she awaits her court date.

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