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Four Accused In Doctor’s Molestation And Murder Case, Killed In Encounter

All the 4 involved in the Hyderabad doctor molestation and murder case have been shot to death. The 4 people had brutally molested the 27-year-old doctor Priyanka Reddy and later killed her.

These guys were detained by the police earlier this month. This case generated a huge wave of anger throughout the country with a lot of people raising their voices against the frightful crime.

The 4 accused namely a 26-year-old Jollu Shiva, 20-year-old Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, 26-year-old Mohammed, 20-year-old and Jollu Naveen were captured by the police within 24 years.

The police had responded lethargically in the start with the parents of the doctor initially, later when it was discovered that she was brutally killed and as the pressure mounted they ended up capturing the accused within 24 hours.

After the capture of the accused, there were protests in the Sai Nagar police station in Ranga Reddy district when the police attempted to take them to the Court when the people asked that the accused should be handed over to the police and the public will give them their due punishment.

Yesterday there was a decision made that a special court is in progress in Mahbub Nagar which will be hearing this case and it is a fast track court. The accused’s families have disowned the accused. Now early in the morning, all the accused have been killed in an encounter by the police.

They were killed in the NH 44 near the scene of the murder as they attempted to escape from police custody while an investigation. One of the accused stole a pistol from one of the police. They were executed amid 03:00 am and 05:00 am when they attempted to escape while the police were attending an investigation with them in the crime spot.

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