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In New Netflix Series V Wars, Ian Somerhalder Are Battling With Vampires

Hurry up and run for your life because Ian Somerhalder has returned to television for yet another dance with the ones who are not dead. But if you are keenly hoping for Damon Salvatore to join the second time, you might want to adjust your expectations.

Ian Somerhalder returning for the next installment of V Wars but Damon Salvatore is NOT!

V Wars by Netflix has dropped its first season with ten episodes full on Thursday. The vampires in the show are clearly not smoldering symbols roaming the streets of Mystic Falls. It was told to TVLine by Somerhalder that these vampires employed in the series are not hundreds of years old but are just a few weeks old so obviously, there is no historical aspect. As we all know that there are many different types of vampires on the show as the genetics of each person determines their specific transformation. But even though there is a variety of these dangerous creatures, they all have one aspect in common, they are all very scary!

The show V Wars is based on the comics written by Jonathan Maberry. It stars Ian Somerhalder (From the Vampire Diaries) as Dr. Luther Swann. This character is a scientist whose world is turned upside down when his best and closest friend (character enacted by Arrow’s Adrian Holmes) is unwittingly mutated into a monster who sucks blood. This happened because of a virus that is spreading really fast. It is told by Somerhalder that the scientific aspect of the show is what makes it kind of ground as compared to your typical fanged fare.

Ian says the show is very relatable to the common public as it covers the problem everyone is facing!

Ian explained to fans that the series deals with the various bunch of things everyone is dealing with in their own world right then, like borders, racism, disease, fear, politics or you can say the politics of fear. According to him, V Wars deal with all this chaos.

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