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Man Accused Of Assaulting McDonald’s Employee Over His Wrong Order, Arrested

A man from Utah has been accused of assaulting two McDonald’s employees for getting his order wrong.

He has been charged with assault after he allegedly stormed into a McDonald’s and assaulted the employees.

Victor Jimmy Castro, 28, ordered his food from a McDonald’s outlet that is located inside of a Layton Walmart off Hillfield Road.

According to the information received from the sources, he left the outlet with his food but later returned and stormed behind the front registers of the fast-food outlet.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal

The accused is said to have then supposedly assaulted an employee who was present at the register and hit them in the face.

Castro then supposedly walked to the kitchen area and continued to strike an employee working there.

During the investigations, witnesses told the officers that they heard the accused yelling, “you got my order wrong.”

According to the information provided by the sources, footage of the attack was captured on surveillance cameras and with their help, the accused was identified.

Considering his charges, he has been charged with the offense of burglary and two misconduct counts of assault.

According to the information provided by the authorities, Castro was earlier arrested for reckless driving and failing to stop for an officer.

He is awaiting his trial date and is undergoing interrogation. No further information regarding his sentence has been known yet, but it is for sure that he will be sent to prison.

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