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NASA’s Warning Against New Asteroid That Might Destroy A Complete City

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) along with the European Space Agency (ESA) have successfully discovered a huge asteroid that is very much capable of causing over multiple heavy strikes on Earth.

According to the researchers, the strikes might start anytime in the next couple of years. According to the information provided by the agencies, the asteroid is supposedly even bigger than the Empire State building.

The deadly asteroid has been identified as 2019 WW4.

ESA’s (European Space Agency) risk list includes all known dangerous and huge asteroids that have non-zero impact possibilities. According to the list provided by the agency, all the mentioned asteroids present in this list have a huge chance of causing a huge and massive impact on Earth.

According to the data collected by the ESA, 2019 WW4 has an expected diameter of 1,312 feet. According to the reports, the agency even predicted the speed at which this massive rock will collide with Earth. It has been predicted that it will collide Earth with an impact velocity of over 32,000 mph.

2019 WW4 is categorized as an Apollo asteroid and like the other Apollos, 2019 WW4 follows a wide orbit within the Solar System.

According to the data collected by ESA, the impacts could happen anytime between 2036 and 2116 and considering the facts and after calculations, August 25, 2044, has been predicted as the date when this asteroid could collide with Earth.

In case, if the asteroid collides with Earth, its huge size and high velocity will definitely create a huge impact on Earth which will be a major event for the entire planet.

Not only its impact, but also the immense amount of energy this asteroid will release after its impact, would be powerful enough to destroy many neighboring cities and areas.

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