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North Korea Warns To Keep Calling Trump As A ‘Dotard’

In its nuclear disarmament talks with the United States, North Korea wants a better deal so it is preparing to conduct engine tests at a long-range rocket launch site. This whole scenario is ultimately stepping up pressure on President Donald Trump ahead of a year-end deadline.

It seems as if America’s President and Kim Jon Un are in insult combat!

On Thursday, activity at North Korea’s Sohae Launch Facility is shown by a satellite image. About this, it was said by leader Kim Jong Un that he once dismantled in a concession to Trump. This move is put forward as the two countries have revisited old insults. Trump calls Kim as Rocket Man and Jim calls Trump as Dotard. The behavior of Pyongyang and Washington is going to determine what Christmas Gift will they be getting from Kim.

The images taken from commercial satellite images show activity at the Sohae facility. What appears to be a newly arrived shipping container at the engine test stand. This is confirmed by Jeffrey Lewis who is the director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. Lewis works with the Planet Labs which is an imaging company based in the United States.

Lewis says that this new shipping container is just another lump of coal!

Lewis, who is a specialist in analyzing satellite imagery said that this is not the Christmas gift that North Korea promises but is actually a lump of coal in stockings of President Donald Trump. He added that this is one more sign that they have reached to an end of diplomacy and a return to missile testing.

Just as Trump is gearing up for elections, North Korea’s deadline puts forward one of Trump’s biggest foreign policy achievements on the line. Its demands to Trump by Kim to ease up on sanctions choking his country’s paltry economy and end what Pyongyang sees as Washington’s hostile intent towards it.

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