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Pace Man Charged For Molesting A Minor Teen He Met On A Online Dating App

A 31-year-old Paceman was detained after he allegedly had intercourse with a minor who claimed to be 18 years old he reached on the dating application Bumble.

Nicholas Servedio was held Tuesday and charged with physical assault.

According to his detention report, grown-up told the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office that a 16-year-old girl had engaged in physical activity with grown-up men she had met on dating apps. One of the men was purportedly Servedio.

When the girl talked with investigators, she said she had been displaying herself as an 18-year-old on the dating apps.

She told that she met a man possibly called “Nick James” on Bumble, and on March 2, he picked her up in his wheels and drove her to a house in Pace where they had intercourse, the report states.

The girl was exhibited with a photo lineup that included Servedio. The girl stated she could not recognize any of the men, but the arrest report remarked that she stared at Servedio’s photo much longer than the others.

Later, a deputy told the girl that Servedio was the suspect in this matter, and the girl then told, “I just didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.”

The girl was then told to draw a picture of the bedroom where she had intercourse with the man. She drew a diagram that almost resembled the layout of Servedio’s room, which deputies saw in selfies he had uploaded online.

Servedio described law enforcement he did not have any relation with the 16-year-old girl, according to his arrest report.

He was kept into the Santa Rosa County Jail on Tuesday. County booking information declared Servedio would be unable to be released on bail because of a military hold. SRSO spokesman Rich Aloy verified that Servedio is a member of the U.S. Navy.

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