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Pedophile Couple That Molested Their 2-Year-Old Daughter, Planned To Do The Same With Their New Born, Jailed For Life

In a horrifying case, an ‘evil’ pedophile molested their two year old daughter and even planned to molest their unborn baby.

The couple has been sentenced to life. Gerrad Coddington, 25, and Christina Nelson-Coddington, 29, of Pauls’s Valley in Oklahoma, were delivered whole life terms for molestation crimes against their own children on Monday.

According to the information received from the sources, the ruling has been made in such a way that they will never be given the chance to apply for parole.

According to the reports provided by the authorities, they handcuffed, molest, and beat their daughter and shared the similar kind of plans to do the same with their unborn child, as discovered from there online messages.

The pedophile couple was sentenced by Judge Edwards for 29 child molestation crimes that include child abuse, incest and sharing and manufacturing children’s explicit images.

The crimes committed by this couple have been referred to as the worst of the crimes ever witnessed.

Judge who ruled against their crimes said, “These two individuals who were involved in these horrifying acts of abuse and violence with innocent children… ‘The actions of these two individuals, with regard to the children who were subjected to these horrific acts are unconscionable, inexcusable.”

Child abuse is one of the main concerns for most of the countries as this is increasing rapidly but planning to abuse and molest an unborn child is not acceptable at all. Forget about committing, those who even think to commit such kind of crimes should be given the maximum amount of punishment, even death.

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