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Sony Drafting Plans For A Miniseries Based On ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’

Italy’s Lux Vide and RAI Fiction have been joined by Sony Pictures Television as co-producer. Sony Pictures are also an international distributor of Frank Spotnitz’s high-end TV series which is going to be about Leonardo da Vinci. The crew started shooting it on Monday in Rome.

A new series is going to drop off next year which is about ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’!

Freddie Highmore who also worked in The Good Doctor is playing the role of Stefano Giraldi who is a fictional Milanese police officer investigating Leonardo as the suspect in a murder case. The character of Leonardo (a working title given to him) in all the eight episodes will be enacted by Aidan Turner. Turner also starred in Poldrak. The executive producer of the series is again Freddie Highmore while the show is being directed by Dan Percival. Dan has directed many movies like The Man in the High Castle.

Matilda de Angelis, an actress from Italy, is another key cast member of the series. She will play the part of a Milanese Noblewoman. Leonardo will be seen in the series musing Caterina da Cremona and Giancarlo Giannini in the role of Renaissance master Andrea del Verrocchio. Vinci was Adrea’s student.

The series is releasing to mark the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo in 2020!

This series in the English language is brought up in order to play next year marking the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. This show is expected to become the first project to hit the airwaves from The Alliance. It is the co-production group formed by the top pubcasters of continental Europe. Besides having on the board RAI from Italy, France Televisions is also present. This a deliberate move from the pubcasters who have banded together for countering streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

‘Leonardo’, as the show is titled, will portray many great works of the artist!

This series will try to cover at least one of Da Vinci’s masterful achievements in various fields not only limiting to art. It will also seek to show the Renaissance genius in ways new to us.

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