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Spiderman ‘Tom Holland’ Revealed The Real Reason Behind The Reunion Of Sony Pictures And Walt Disney

An emotional conversation between our very favorite Spiderman and CEO of Disney has come forward. It is disclosed by Hollywood star Tom Holland that he had a talk with Bob Iger at the point of time when he was three pints in. He says it helped him keep the Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Holland says his conversation with Bob Iger was very helpful in saving his Marvel character!

It was told to Holland by Kimmel that Bob Iger had credited him for smoothing things over between Sony Pictures and Marvel soon after the split was announced over the future of his character, earlier this year. This all happened at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Holland added that he would not say it was entirely his doing. Then all the fans just had to laugh when Tom exclaimed that he saved the Spiderman!

Around the month of August, it was announced by the franchise lead by Sony Pictures that they will carry on production without involving the Marvel Studios. The shocking plus sad news hit us when they stated that any partnership between the two studios for a third installment of the Spiderman fronted franchise was 100 percent dead.

Tom states that he was gloomy when the split happened and did not know what to do!

Holland, who is 23 years in age, made an appearance at Disney’s D24 Expo days after the divorce happened between Sony and Disney. His presence was quite surprising. This event took place to promote the animated movie titled as Onward and all of Tom Holland’s fans were thanked by him. He also addressed his character’s mentor, Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man and said I Love You, 3000.

Kimmel was told by Holland that after the split happened he was genuinely devastated and his appearance at the expo was definitely not his best day.

Iger actually called Holland to talk about Spiderman when Tom was already three pints in!

Later on, Iger was asked for his phone number and Email address by the actor which Tom explained was desired by him to only thank the CEO for changing his life in the best way.

When later Iger called the actor, he was at a pub trivia night and had not eaten much and was three pints already in! All in all, their conversation helped to save Spidey’s character when Iger told Holland that there is a world where we can make this work.

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