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Woman Died From Smoking Cigarette After Her Oxygen Tank Exploded

A North Carolina woman perished on Tuesday, December 3, morning when she lit her cigarette that ignited a nearby oxygen tank.

Belinda Coble, 61-year-old, caused a small burst in her Nash County house while the oxygen tank which she was handling for her medical problems exploded, the sources report. The police officials told the sources that Belinda was lighting up her a cigarette while oxygen was being managed, which kindled her tank.

Belinda’s husband, who was napping in another room of the residence, reportedly rose up when he overheard the blast and the smoke alarm went off. According to the sources, he was able to extinguish the small fire and dialed 911 for help.

The police officials said officers, firefighters, and EMS workers appeared to Belinda’s Zebulon residence before 8 a.m., where they discovered her lifeless at the spot.

The house sustained minimal destruction, the police officials said.

In July, an oxygen valve on a transport gurney was assumed to be the cause of a small burst at Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut.

The blast originated burn marks on the wall and ceiling while two people sustained minor injuries, the sources report.

In a report for the COPD Foundation, Richard Radford managing director at BPR Medical Gas Control remarked there are above 180 home fires comprising oxygen therapy devices each year in the United States.

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