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Woman Forced Into Marriage, Was Molested, Physically Assaulted And Abused For Many Years

The lady who had to marriage ten years back endured continuous physical abuse and attack from her husband for a considerable period of time after the constrained marriage. Also, presently the lady is looking for justice after she carried her complaint to the court.

The lady identified as Omowunmi Lameed chose to battle for her freedom after the long stretches of abuse because of her husband.

She blamed her husband for constrained marriage, grabbing, assault, and even life risk. Presently by way of these shocking violations, she needs separation from her evil husband.

The husband even used to abuse and molest her in front of her work partner. She likewise spoke to restricting the husband from going to her home or workplace. The mother is likewise looking for individual guardianship of their single child.

The upset wife and mother expected that she would wind up dead at any point in the future on the off chance that she wouldn’t be free and get away from the offensive husband.

Lameed stated that her parents attempted a lot to get him far from her, yet they couldn’t because of his across the board connections, and he always threatened to kill them if they tried to do so.

She additionally told under the supervision of the court that her husband turned out to be more dangerous and monster in the wake of coming back from the jail, which he had served for another lawful offense.

Chief Odunade, at long last gave decision in the interest of the offended party and granted her with the individual authority of the child. Moreover, the husband obligatorily needs to pay the lady $300 monthly for the youngster’s consideration and study expenses.

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