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A ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Live-Action Series Is In Development At Netflix, Here’s What We Know

Cowboy Bebop is a forthcoming Netflix Original live-action sci-fi series based on the manga of the same name by writer Hajime Yatate. Alex Garcia Lopez (Daredevil) is set to lead the series with twelve writers on board to support and create the story, most notably Thor Ragnorok author Christopher L. Yost is on board. Yost also serves as an executive producer on the show.

The manga premiered in September of 1997 in Monthly Asuka Fantasy DX and continued until June 1998. A second manga series started a month later and ran for an additional three volumes and ending in February 2000. Cowboy Bebop’s fame skyrocketed, and anime adaptation soon followed later the first manga run. Both the manga and anime rose to crucial acclaim, growing one of the most successful franchises of the late 90s. The legacy of Cowboy Bebop is still known today as the series is still for numerous, one of the best anime ever produced.


In the year 2071, most of humanity has established the rocky planets and moons of the solar system. Approximately fifty years prior, Earth had been left unlivable after an accident with a hyperspace gateway. Amidst the growth of an increasing crime rate throughout the solar system, the Inter Solar System Police authorize bounty hunters. Recognized as “Cowboys” they chase criminals over the solar system and bring them to justice.

Chasing down these offenders are the crew of the spaceship Bebop. Spike Siegal, ex-hitman an exiled member of the Red Dragon syndicate and his companion Jet Black a former ISSP officer. The amnesiac con-artist Faye Valentine, Edward Wong the unusual hacking girl and eventually Ein the genetically engineered adorable Welsh Corgi with human-like ability.

No. Of Episodes

The first season of Cowboy Bebop will have 10 episodes.

Netflix typically doesn’t create titles with over episodes that exceed thirteen chapters.

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