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A Woman Is In A Relationship With 4 Men While Pregnant With Her First Child

Tory Ojeda is excited as she is expecting for the birth of her baby girl but she got more helping hands in a strange manner.

The 20-year is in multiple relationships with four men. Ojeda told that while the baby is biologically one of her partner’s, the five of them plan on raising her together as a family.

“But as far as I guess, socially goes, we’re all raising the baby together, so everyone’s dad,”, we’re all very, very excited to be raising a baby together.”

Though Ojeda said she’s taken harsh criticism from family members and friends about the unprecedented nature of her relationships in the past, the five of them currently live together and have been dating for several years.

Ojeda met her first partner Marc in junior high school, and the two began dating when they were in high school.

She became multi-amorous after falling in love with her friend of several years, Travis, only a few months after beginning her relationship with Marc.

Later, Ojeda began dating her friends Ethan and Christopher. After taking a vacation together earlier this year, Ojeda found out that she was pregnant with their daughter. While Marc is the biological father, Ojeda said they plan on raising their daughter as a big family collectively. 

Currently, the five all live together and take turns sleeping with Ojeda in her bed to ensure everyone gets equal quality time.

Ojeda is currently seven months pregnant and is due to give birth in two months.

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