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Daughter Worst Nightmare As Stepfather Molested Her For Three Years

A case of a stepfather physically assaulting his girl has recently come to light after 19-year-old Natasha Fowler ultimately decided to publically speak up about the fears and atrocities that she faced by the hands of her offensive stepfather. Scott Bishop, 43, is currently serving a 14 year-long sentence in jail.

Incident In Brief

Natasha states that her stepfather began assaulting her from the age of 11 to the age of 14 without any regret about what he was doing. In the start, Bishop seemed like the perfect stepfather, who was everything a girl would need. After a few years spent by, Bishop began to show his true personality and started molesting her whenever her mom was not home.

She explained the horrors she faced in public and told, ” Scott was, at beginning everything you could want of a stepdad. Being deaf makes it really hard for me to interact with others, but from the off, Scott made a lot of try to learn sign language so that we could accurately communicate.”

She went on, telling, ” Then one afternoon, totally out of the blue, he was without clothes in front of me. I froze as he started to touch my private parts, life as I knew would nevermore be the same. He would tell me how much he liked me- I would think this is usual? It would be anytime, anywhere. Whenever my mom wasn’t around he would without clothes, touch me and make me touch him. I wanted to cry for help, but I was so scared of what might occur to me”.

Natasha told that she received many threats from her stepfather on numerous occasions, he said that if she informed anyone, then he would kill her. He made her wonder if all dad acts the same way with their kids.

Charges And Punishment

Bishop was sentenced for a number of physical offenses that involved his stepdaughter in committing physical acts, and Bishop displaying himself to her and physically abusing her throughout 2011 and 2014, in 2017 at Jewes Crown Court and sentenced 14 years in jail.

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