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Dead To Me Season 2 On Netflix? Has Netflix Revealed A Premiere Date Yet? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Fans of Netflix’s hit series Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, can relax because it has officially been revived for a second season. The series follows the complicated bond between Jen (Applegate) and Judy (Cardellini) after they join in a grief support group.

Without carrying away too much regarding the plot of the season 1—and seriously, get to Netflix ASAP to see this addicting show—Dead to Me is at once a comedy, an emotional drama, and a thriller. Individually, I’m excited that we’ll get some responses in the aftermath of last season’s shocking cliffhanger.

Showrunner Liz Feldman inscribed for Glamour earlier this year regarding how the series was sparked by some major events in her own life. “Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) have undergone immense loss, but they gain strength and support from their newfound friendship. The story, though not autobiographical, is deeply private,” she wrote. “The facts are made up. The emotions are real.”

I can’t pause to see where she gets the characters next. Here’s what we understand, so far at least, about what to await from season two of Dead to Me.

1. The release date. 

Netflix hasn’t declared when, exactly, the show will be back, but Feldman tweeted that it will be in 2020.

2. Jen and Judy’s friendship will grow deeper and even more complex.

“It will be about the additional exploration of this friendship, and relationship, and now very complex dynamic, or even more complicated dynamic, among these two women,” Feldman said Entertainment Weekly. “What I desired to do was create a situation where they’re pushed together, and they want each other now in some ways more than they did at the start of season one.”

3. The cast and crew.

Not much is understood on this front yet, but Netflix strengthened via a press release that Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will reprise their characters, and creator Liz Feldman will be the showrunner and an executive producer.

And on October 17, Variety stated that Natalie Morales is entering the show in season two as a recurring character called Michelle who “forms a link with Judy (Linda Cardellini) at the Assisted Living Facility, where Michelle’s difficult mother lives.” Sounds exciting.

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