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Depressed Father Stabbed Wife And Two Young Kids To Death Before Turning Knives On Himself

Business analyst Chuan-Kai Liu, 46, brutally knifed his wife Dorothy, 42, and their children, seven-year-old Tennyson and four-year-old Adeline, cops said.

He is then known to have turned the knife on himself at their place in Pleasantville, Westchester, which is north of New York City.

In a press conversation, police revealed Liu, who was also identified as Tom, was “under a huge amount of stress”.

He had a history in finance and most recently worked as the financial scandals project manager for Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, according to his Linkedin page.

Before that, he served for Credit Suisse for 10 years as well as UBS Financial Services.

Pleasantville Police Chief Erik Grutzner told interviews revealed the dad was under “stress”.

“All the data that we have gotten about this family leads us to think that this community will be in shock if we don’t tell in some small degree there were factors at play,” he said.

Police verified there had been no reports of domestic brutality at the family home.

The family was found lifeless at the home by police officers leading a wellness check.

Grutzner said police got access to the house by an open door.

“As you can guess our hearts are broken at the news of this ridiculous”, Pleasantville schools Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter told.

“This is a very small society and it impacts all of us in this tiny village.”

The people of Pleasantville is just under 8,000.

The family went to the small town from Queens in October 2016 because they needed a better outdoor lifestyle for their children, neighbors revealed.

“I can’t accept it. They weren’t bothered at all,” neighbor, Gloria Taplin, told the New York Post.

“I never noticed any negativity on Tom’s part at all. I saw them collectively all the time,” she said.

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