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East New York Teenager Could Get Life In Prison For Lethal Bodega Gunfire

A teenager who began shooting on a Flatbush Avenue bodega in October and murdered a father of six could consume his life in prison, prosecutors stated.

Joshua Louis, of East New York, was charged Friday, December 6, for the October 10 gunfire, where prosecutors stated he fired through the windows of the KHF Supermarket and murdered 41-year-old Dwayne Smith, who was within.

Joshua Louis was captured a few weeks after the gunfire on second-degree murder and firearms charges. Prosecutors said he faces twenty-five years to life in prison if sentenced to the top count.

When this suspect allegedly started fire, he claimed the life of a father of 6 and well-known affiliate of the Flatbush community,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez proclaimed. “He also threatened the lives of every other innocent person within the store. There is no area in Brooklyn for gun rampage. We will now attempt to get equity for the victim and his beloved ones.

Gonzalez stated that Louis began looking for Smith at approximately 10 p.m. that evening because Smith had grown into a heated discussion with Louis’ friend earlier that evening.

When Joshua discovered Smith, he was in the KHF Supermarket on Flatbush Avenue, so he started firing into the store from the sidewalk, the prosecutors stated.

Smith was hit many times in the torso and was hurried to Kings County Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries, prosecutors asserted.

Investigators discovered Louis when they examined surveillance video of him drawing out a gun outside the bodega. A witness also saw Louis shoot gun, prosecutors announced.

Smith was an amateur filmmaker and apparel stylist.

A judge assigned Louis to be detained without bail unto his next court hearing in February, prosecutors stated.

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