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Evil Father Locked Disabled Daughter In Shed, Denied Food And Bed

A father locked his disabled daughter in a shed and denied her food, water, and hygiene.

Robert Ralph Hance, 64, is charged with abuse of his daughter.

Hance denied access for daughter in the house when temperatures were in the 40s.

It is reported that he told her that she was dead to him and she needed to leave.

The victim was found by aides outside the home after Hance left her and locked the doors.

It is reported that the daughter had been locked in a storage shed without food, water, lights, or a bathroom. When in the shed, the victim told deputies that she received one meal a day and was forced to use adult diapers.

The victim claims that she sleeps on the floor of a bedroom with no mattress, and the carpet is soaked in dog urine.

Three deputies who worked the case then went out and got a bed for the victim from a charity organization, and bought other items for her.

Hance was then arrested and was released soon from the York County jail Wednesday after posting a $1,000 bond.

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