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Father Physically Abused His Own 11-Year-Old Daughter And Impregnated Her, While Step-Mother Took Her For Abortion

An adolescent woman is accusing West Virginia health officials following she stated they disappointed to defend her from her father’s physical abuse.

The sources report twenty-year-old “Jane Doe” stated her father molested and impregnated her when she was eleven years old, and her stepmother carried her to have an abortion to close up the abuse.

Doe, whose original name is not handled for secrecy reasons, said the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources disappointed to defend her when it discharged her from foster care and put her in her biological father’s house, as per the report.

Her lawsuit, registered Monday, leads to data that the agency acknowledged her father had a past of abuse when it set her in his home in 2010 and, later, did nothing after getting reports about him physically abusing her.

Doe stated her stepmother drove her to have an abortion to “end criminal evidence upon the father,” and the agency acknowledged that as well, the sources report. It is not explicit from reports if the girl was compelled or pressured into aborting her expected baby.

Three years later, the father was convicted with incest and captured, but he took a plea deal of 5 years on probation in 2017, the report reveals.

Doe’s lawyer said her client determined to come ahead after living “under menaces and threatening for years.”

Health department administrators stated they intend to attend an internal examination as an outcome of the accusations.

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