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Intoxicated Mother Prefers Alcohol Over Son As She Tries To Kill Him After Getting Annoyed!

An intoxicated mother tries to kill her 5-month old as she got annoyed with his weeping and distracted her from drinking alcohol.

The mother whose identity is not revealed yet pressed the face of her five-month-old son with a cushion at the children’s hospital. The boy’s mother told law enforcers, she was consuming alcohol because she was “bored.” But later pressed his son’s face against cushion her son as he was disturbing her while her drinking.

It is reported that the 33-year-old consuming alcohol in a hospital ward in front of her sick child at a children’s hospital in Odessa, Southern Ukraine

According to sources, the woman was at a local hospital when her son needed serious treatment. A Witnesses claims that the woman made the pressed the face of her baby.

Child Protection Act workers have planned to sue the mother and protect the child. If found guilty of the incident, the suspect could face prison for up to 10 years. The incident is still under investigation, however, the child will be in safe hands in an orphanage after his treatment.

The mother has been taken into custody and is facing charges for child abuse along with multiple crimes.

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