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Life In MARS: Human Beings Can Now Thrive In Red Planet’s Conditions

What if our blue planet, EARTH, is stuck with some asteroid which completely destroys our planet. In that case, how we will survive or the most appropriate question is where will we survive?

This is not a recent question raised by many. Mars has been undergoing studies and testing theories that are trying to prove that this red planet would be the next best destination for the human beings to survive.

Recently, a scientist made a mind-blowing discovery that holds the answer to many of our queries related to ‘Life In Mars‘.

According to the information received from the sources, a scientist from the German Spatial Research Center based in Berlin, Dr. Jean-Pierre Paul De Vera, has discovered that living organisms would not only be able to survive on the red planet’s condition but would also be to thrive there.

He built a machine that simulates the conditions found on Mars, from the temperature, atmospheric conditions, chemical composition, UV Rays. It was referred to as a Martian chamber.

Dr. De Vera explained that the cyanobacteria that were present on Earth around 3.5 billion years ago have the ability to survive for weeks in the machine. When he performed the same experiment in Antarctica, the organisms that were tested in that climate apart from surviving, also thrived within the harsh conditions.

In 2015, NASA also revealed its plans for human exploration and colonization of Mars. This idea will be executed in three different phases that will ultimately lead to the fully-sustained colonization of Mars. This plan would only be executed by the mid of 2030.

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