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Man Accused Of Killing Boston Doctors Claims He Had An Affair With The Victim And She Instructed Him To ‘Sneak In’

The man on trial for killing two Boston anesthesiologists reportedly alleged he was having a relationship with victim Dr. Lina Lina Bolanos, and that she had directed him to “sneak into” the building on the day of the brutal double homicides.

As Boston 25 News broadcasts, jurors at the manslaughter trial of Bampumim Teixeira, accused of murdering Dr. Bolanos and Dr. Richard Field on May 5, 2017, listening to an audio recording of a police discussion he gave from a hospital bed the day next to the murders. Police reportedly shot the defendant when they responded to the crime, believing that he was armed with a weapon.

Both Dr. Bolanos and Dr. Field, who were involved, were fatally stabbed, and reports show that they may have been tortured before they were murdered.

In a bombshell development, Teixeira reportedly informed detectives from his hospital bed the morning after the killings that he had an affair with Dr. Bolanos that started in 2016 when he was briefly hired as a concierge at the South Boston luxury high-rise apartment building where the pair lived.

According to the news release, Teixeira insisted that the affair lasted two months and that Dr. Bolanos had told him to come to see her on the day of the killings. He claimed she told him to sneak into the building.

On Friday, the court learned more of the recorded conversation, in which Teixeira claimed that Dr. Field had obstructed the two when he got home. The defendant alleged that Dr. Field murdered Dr. Bolanos and that Teixeira killed Dr. Field in self-defense.

According to the Boston 25 News report, Teixeira alleged he had physical relations with Dr. Bolanos on the day she was murdered. As CrimeOnline previously reported, returning police officers saw messages written on the wall of the penthouse apartment; one read: “He killed my wife.”

In the conversation the day after the killings, Teixeira reportedly told police he had no memory of writing any notes in the apartment.

Testimony at the manslaughter trial continues on Friday.

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