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Man Sentenced To 19.5 Years In Prison After Trafficking A Minor

A North Carolina resident was convicted Thursday, December 5 to approximately 20 years in prison for human trafficking a minor in Miami.

Federal authorities announce Willie Dishon Matthew Obadiah, 32-year-old, of Charlotte, attended the minor victim through social media and interacted with her via Messenger and text communications.

Federal Authorities stated Obadiah discovered the victim was a minor and a runaway within his conversations with the victim.

Federal authorities state he requested her to send a picture of her license card and when he noticed her age, he transferred her a message stating he instructed she had a “fake id” alternately.

Obadiah started exploiting the minor at various lodges, originally in North Carolina and later in Miami, the police officials stated.

Federals authorities said Obadiah said the minor victim how sufficient to charge for physical acts, how to trade with clients and what commands to obey.

The minor ultimately managed to ran away from Obadiah, who retreated to North Carolina, where he remained to prostitute women, the police officials said.

Obadiah was ultimately captured on April 19 in North Carolina.

Officials ask residents to report doubted human trafficking by calling them at their helplines.

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