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Two Israel Travelers Vigorously Attacked By Thugs, Tasered At A Subway Station In Brooklyn

Police are hunting for two of the suspects after two travelers from Israel were vigorously attacked and tasered at a subway station in Brooklyn.

The two tourists left their train at the F stop in Midwood meanwhile a man and a woman set superimposed on them, pulling one of them to the ground of a staircase, grasping her purse, and hitting her again and again. The assault went on for approximately five minutes.

The travelers were traveling back to their rented apartment on their last evening in New York at the time while the subway station was empty, however, they were not alone CCTVs captured the whole event on a videotape that would eventually become evidence for the police.

An unsuspecting passerby disrupted them and led up the stairs, but alternatively, of running, the attacker hid the knife and taser she had been displaying. The victim lay calmly, and later got hit for her trouble.

One of the victims attempted to pursue the two thugs, one of whom pushed her away. The suspects then fled the scene.

The victims’ purses and smartphones were stolen. The travelers are now back to Israel.

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