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What!!! Family Wakes Up To Find A Stranger With A Broken Nose On Their Couch

What would be your reaction when you will find a stranger sleeping on your couch?

The same happened with an Ohio family when they assumed that a loud noise woke them up early in the Sunday morning and when they checked they found their cat knocking something over.

I popped up and was like, ‘What is that?” One of the family members said.

When another member woke up to make a coffee, she discovered a stranger or an intruder who had Jay’s wife later got up to make coffee, she discovered an intruder had came into their home through an unlocked door and passed out.

Goodman (husband) said that at first he thought to arm himself with a baseball bat in order t protect himself and his family from the intruder and soon he called 911.

I do not know who this person is. I do not know if he is drunk or what,” he said.

The concerned authorities in no time quickly responded to the report and detained the 30-year-old,Colin Febus, on a charge of burglary.

According to the information received from the sources, the last thing that the accused remembered that night was that he drank at a local bar.

Febus sported a broken nose and two black eyes and according to the information provided by him, he was beaten up by an unknown person and was then dumped off at the wrong house.

I am upset about it because I do not know exactly what happened,”  Febus said.

After gaining conscious, the accused even apologized to the Goodman family for the trouble he unintentionally caused to them.

He further said that he was very sympathetic to them and as a result, he apologized to them. He said, ” I apologize for it, it is not my behavior at all. I am a good citizen and I want them to be aware that I am sorry for my actions.”

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