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A Hired Dancer Was Gunned Down And Shot In Neck After She Took A Break From Performance During A Wedding Celebration

In a video of the event, the woman is seen dancing on a platform. She pauses, a gunshot has listened, and the lady falls down while holding her face.

Police told the BBC that they have known the shooter in the video, who is on the run.

The incident occurred during a wedding celebration on 1 December in a village in Uttar Pradesh state, India.

But, it only came to flame days later, after the video was viral on messaging platforms.

“The suspect is on the run but we are certain that we will arrest him soon,” police told the BBC.

Wedding brutality is a common phenomenon in several parts of the country, where many guests take guns – mostly to fire in the air to celebrate the event.

But, with revelries getting out of control, violence is not unusual.

A similar disturbance occurred in 2016 in the northern state of Punjab, when a pregnant woman was lifeless after she was shot in the stomach while performing a dance at a marriage.

Other tragedies occur by accident.

In November 2016, a gun-toting self-proclaimed god-woman shot three people including the groom’s aunt, after firing celebratory shots at a marriage in the northern state of Haryana.

In 2018, Punjab police detained a man after he allegedly shot dead his next-door-neighbor by mistake during a pre-wedding party.

He had fired shots into the air to rejoice his daughter’s upcoming wedding. But one of the bullets hit his female neighbor in the forehead, killing her immediately.

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